PSA (tw for #rape / #pedophilia / #alcoholism) 

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Hi! I just want you to know that hacking someone else's blog just because they disagree with your opinions on social justice is a fucking despicable thing to do. Have a nice day!

do you feel good messaging a blog that hasnt been active in 6 months

does it feel good


What a Girl Says: "I’m really a man on the inside." "I identify as male." "I’m a guy." "I’m FtM."

What a Girl Means:  "I am desperate to escape the gender role I was socialized into and this is the only escape route I know of."



"die cis scum"

this entire blog is trash. throw yourself in there where you belong


Don’t you dare fucking say cisphobia doesnt exist because let me tucking tell you

Remember, folks

Without mimes, you wouldn’t exist.




If I see another trans* person say ANYTHING!!!!! about cis people, they need to fuckin fight me irl. You’re not fucking special because you’re trans* just like nobody is special for being cis. NOT ALL CIS PEOPLE OPPRESS TRANS* PEOPLE, if you think they do than you are ignorant and stupid. YOU ARE NOT A SPECIAL SNOWFLAKE JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE TRANS*. Assuming that all cis people are out to get you is narcissistic and stupid. GTFO OF MY FACE WITH YOUR BULLSHIT. OMG. I have never been pushed to post anything like this, but I am tired of it. 

(p.s. I am trans*)

i dont give a fuck if ur trans*, stop sucking up to the cissies because let me tell u, they dont care. u think ur gonna get any brownie points with them for being awful??? you arent. bye

"are we going to reverse everything?"

youre literally saying things are fine the way things are, that people have been murdered and abused for being something other than white cishets is the same as hurt feelings